This Bacchus sparkling wine has been refined with ice wine before it was bottled and offers a unique and new taste experience. The scent of this...

Your Wine Tasting Party with

Wines for Humanity

About Us

We are a wine tasting company dedicated to introducing the public to the joy of fine wines while raising funds for charity. Our delicious wines are sourced from award-winning vineyards the world over. The hosts of these private wine tastings and their guests relax while enjoying the wines in a fun, educational environment.


Not only does everyone have an extraordinary time with great wines and good friends, but a portion of the proceeds from every bottle promoted also directly benefits families in their community who find themselves on the brink of homelessness for reasons beyond their control. No family in America, with children, should become homeless through circumstances beyond their control. Funds will be raised through wine tastings that bring friends together to experience the joy of fine wines.


WfH is a social enterprise. We not only believe in helping the world around us, we also believe that charity starts at home.  A portion of the company’s profit will go to:


  • - Our own in-house charity for our Wines for Humanity family
  • - Team leaders that grow the organization significantly
  • - Further personal development of the Wine Advisors within Wines   for Humanity 

A wine tasting party is a great way to gather your friends and family for an educational and unforgettable experience!

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