Moulin de L'Esperance Bordeaux France
Translation is "Windmill of Hope" This Chateau bottled wine comes from the east bank of Bordeaux where you also find Merlot and Cabernet Franc. East bank...

Indianapolis Wine Tasting


Indianapolis is a city that holds a lot of pride in its rich cultural history. As well as being home to the most famous racing event in the United States, it is also home to beautiful architecture, museums and trendy eateries catering to the city’s movers and shakers. As such, there is no better time to host your very own Indianapolis wine tasting party.

By transforming your home into a haven for fine wine tasting that would impress even the most steadfast connoisseur, your friends and family will be wowed and your event will go down as a highlight in your guests’ social calendars. When planning your Indianapolis wine tasting party always ensure that your guests are aware of the time and date for your event long in advance. This way you will not be disappointed by guests that are unable to attend due to prior commitments or an inability to squeeze your party into their schedules at the last minute.

Another important thing to consider is the tone and general atmosphere you would like your Indianapolis wine tasting party to exude. If you are interested in creating an upscale, high-class event with all the prestige of a black tie occasion, then it is a worthwhile effort to include a few minor details to really sell that image. This can be achieved quite simply, by incorporating sparkling white tablecloths to cover your tasting and display surfaces. The stark white cloths combined with arrangements of candles in deep wine colors will set the scene for a high-brow night that even the most expensive restaurants would be pleased to host.

If however, you are more in the mood for a relaxed, low key Indianapolis wine tasting party, this can be achieved through the use of rich, wine colored cloths in place of white ones and elegant little tea-lights in place of the colored candles. The gentle lighting and tablecloths that your guests won’t stress about spilling wine drops on, will lend an intimate, homey atmosphere to your occasion. Regardless of which route you decide to take, adding artworks to your display will take your event to an entirely new level. The art should in some way evoke the feeling of the wines, so landscapes of the places your wines herald from are a wonderful way to bring your event to life.

Snacks to go with your wine are also an important consideration. Cheeses that are paired with specific wines work best, and will give your Indianapolis wine tasting party a professional edge to it. Added to this, some bread and water should be available for your guests so that they can achieve a clean palate between courses of wine. Otherwise you run the risk of losing the unique experience of the individual wines.

With life in Indianapolis starting to move as fast as the cars on its famous racetrack, invite your friends and family to take a breather and enjoy a relaxed night with you, full of culture and the charm of simpler times.