Milwaukee Wine Tasting


While Milwaukee may have started out as primarily a brewing and manufacturing city, the introduction of high-rises, luxury condos and buzzing big business into the scene have begun to transform the city into an epicenter of trendy metropolitan life. This is why there is no better time to host a superchic Milwaukee wine tasting party.

Sure to be a highlight on your social calendar, your Milwaukee wine tasting party will wow your friends, business associates and family with its subtle elegance and atmosphere of high-class life. You can easily transform your home into an upscale, elegant venue where you and your guests can enjoy a night of black tie entertainment involving fine wine and stimulating conversation. To achieve this effect, simply cover all of your party surfaces in elegant, understated white linen cloths to give your home a five star restaurant feeling. Add candles to the mix, colored in accordance to your wines for the evening and you have the kind of Milwaukee wine tasting party that even the upper echelon will be impressed by.

If you would prefer a more intimate, low key setting for your Milwaukee wine tasting party, then trade the white cloths for rich wine colors to warm up the room and provide a more homey feeling for those attending. Replace the candles with tea-lights set in glasses to create gentle lighting and you are well on your way to hosting your classy yet intimate occasion. In both cases it is a great idea to display art pieces which have some connection to the wines you will be tasting. A landscape of the Napa Valley or some quaint French town will go a long way to creating the perfect atmosphere for your Milwaukee wine tasting party.

With regard to snack choices, cheeses are highly recommended to be paired with your wines in order to make your guests’ taste adventure even more tantalizing. Always ensure to have some bread and water in the equation so that your guests can cleanse their palates between wines. This will ensure that they get the full flavorful experience of the tastings.

Lastly, it is very important that you consider guests’ schedules when planning your Milwaukee wine tasting party. Always ensure that they have more than enough time to fit you into their plans. In a busy, buzzing city like Milwaukee it is difficult to fit an evening event into one’s schedule at short notice. A good guideline is to invite your guests at least two weeks before you plan to host your party.  This ensures that you garner the attendance optimal for the success of your event.

With Milwaukee moving into a new era of bustling city life with trendy venues popping up all over town, why not make your home one of those trendy, must-see venues that your friends will rave about? Invite your guests to enjoy the simple things in life for a night, like great company accompanied by great wines.