Wines for Humanity Compensation Plan

There are two ways to earn an income and expand your business with Wines for Humanity. You can earn an income on your own promotion of wine or through the promotion of wine and recruiting you can build and lead your own team of Wine Advisors . Wines for Humanity will provide the product, marketing tools and training.  You will set your own goals, work at your own pace and reap the rewards of your efforts.This is your business…you determine your income. This chart serves as an example of the income potential.

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*Qualified Recruit has submitted $450 in ** Sr WA in Qualification receives 2% for only 2 months unless a 2nd recruit is added
***Leader Override Requirement: $1,000 in personal sales per month, and 1 new personal recruit per quarter. Overrides are paid at the level requirements are met.
All Levels: Minimum activity requirement to receive monthly overrides is $1,000 Personal sales the month overrides are earned and 6 tastings per quarter.
Compensation subject to change with 3 months written notice.